iPad killing and saving the newspaper

Two stories in one: The iPad is cutting into traditional newspaper and magazine subscriptions while simultaneously increasing readership for the online versions of newspapers and magazines. The challenge for publishers of newspapers and magazines is to set the online subscription prices at the right price point. If they are greedy and try to keep the online price high, they will never achieve the economies of scale possible when distribution costs are nearly equal to zero. But don't count on this; many editors and their bean counter bosses are going to keep online subscription prices high "so we don't cannibalize our print version." Uh huh. Whether we like it or not, a lot of stuff is never going to be printed on dead trees again. Go with it, you guys, and get over the hand wringing.

I'm too lazy to do a search for it, but I've seen a diatribe by some early Greek bemoaning the newfangled business of writing things down on paper. He was citing the imminent ruination of the youth, who were going to lose the really important ability to memorize everything worth knowing. Uh huh. Nothing ever changes. Ever.

Knowledge Democracy:


Hello Andrew,
Back in 2001 I spent about four days at Blacksburg Electronic Village, interviewing yourself and others in your organization as part of a study tour from Australia looking at networked communities. Do you remember me? You and your family were very welcoming and back in Australia i held a seminar that included you as a keynote speaker on video conference. After many incarnations I am now working on another workshop about community engagement strategies for emergency management and was wondering if you felt you could offer anything to this theme?
Kind regards
Heather Crawley