Isle of Jersey to get Gigabit to the home

The tiny Isle of Jersey will be getting Gigabit fiber to the home as part of an initiative by the incumbent Jersey Telecom to replace all copper-based services with fiber over the next five years. Maybe some U.S. incumbents should make a trip to Jersey (in the English Channel just off the coast of France) to learn how to construct a business case that allows dumping 100 year old copper technology for something a little newer.

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As long as that business case involves a harsh maritime climate where noting metallic lasts beyond a generation. Misleading if accurate headline; the electronics on either end don't matter here.

I have just been reading about rural broadband projects in the UK. Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are other remote locations slated for (sadly not Gigabit,) but hopefully significantly improved connectivity. There are a number of interesting business models being proposed in the UK, some of which includes the re-use of copper and public sector networks.

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