I got an upload upgrade!

Our cable provider for our home Internet just sent us a notice telling us we were getting a free upgrade upload speed. It will be going from "...up to 5 Meg" to a whopping "...up to 10 Meg!"

Wow! Color me excited!

Meanwhile, I have to drive back and forth to the office for evening videoconferences because I can't trust the cable Internet service at home if there are more than a couple of people on the conference call. I really don't think doubling it to "up to 10 Meg" is going to make much difference.

And notice that they are not promising 10 Meg. It's the old "up to..." mantra, meaning you might get the max speed if you get up at 2AM in the morning when none of your neighbors are doing anything.

Meanwhile, our Blacksburg fiber to the home project (wideopenblacksburg.net) is offering 250/250 Meg SYMMETRIC service for $65/month.

Why don't I have that service? We live outside of town on the side of very rocky hill, and it is going to take us a while to get fiber out there. The cable Internet was installed almost 30 years ago.

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