Symmetric Gig Internet is an economic development tool

It is interesting how many press releases I have seen recently from incumbent providers explaining that nobody needs symmetric Internet, and that highly asymmetric service (e.g. 100 Meg down, 10 Meg up) is just fine. Both the cable and the phone companies are trying to get us to drink this Kool-Aid, but economic developers are finding out something different.

This news item indicates that towns and cities are finding out that symmetric, high performance FIBER-delivered Internet is just what they need to attract new businesses and retain existing businesses.

What a surprise.....cable TV subscriptions are tanking, and while the cable companies are trying to tell us that DOCSIS 4.x is going to compete with fiber (no), the communities that are working with competitive fiber providers and/or building their own telecom infrastructure are revving up their local economy.\

Symmetric Gigabit Internet networks are the only kind of networks that Design Nine and WideOpen Networks designs, builds and operates. Our Blacksburg, Virginia fiber to the home project is WideOpen Blacksburg well underway, with construction going on right now in several neighborhoods, bringing symmetric Gig Internet to homes and businesses weary of Comcast.

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