PVPs on parade

I love a good gadget as much as the next, um, geek, but the current techie obsession with PVPs (Personal Video Players) baffles me. Engadget has a review of a new one from Mustek, which is kind of an iPod on steroids (it has a 40 gig hard drive, which will store several movies).

Is it any wonder the U.S. is a bit overweight (to put it mildly, from all reports) and that our kids are also struggling with weight problems? All we seem to want to do is sit around and watch movies...in the house, in the car, on an airplane, waiting in line, in bed, walking down the street. In short, sitting around watching other people engage in entirely made up stories is fast becoming the national pasttime. It makes watching pro sports look healthy, since real people engaged in a real game is somewhat closer to reality. Instead of having a life of our own, we would apparently prefer to watch other people pretend to have a life. It's depressing.

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