Hulu: Watch all the TV you want for $8/month

In what has to scare the heck out of the cable companies, Hulu has released an upgraded version of its premium subscription service and software while dropping the monthly cost from $9.99 to $7.99. Hulu Plus gives subscribers access to many of the most popular current season "TV" shows. I am going to start putting "TV" in quotes because broadband services like Hulu and Netflix are not the old analog TV, but they sure deliver the same content. The math on getting your "TV" over your broadband connection is pretty compelling. Hulu Plus for $8/month gives the popular current shows, and Netflix for $10/month gives you access to a huge back catalog of American and British shows, as well as lots of movies. Total cost? $18/month, compared to the average cable bill of $60.

What's missing? The news channels, but you can get an awful lots of news off the Web, with the exception of the live news and commentary programs. Expect them along any time. Own shares of cable TV companies? You might want to evaluate the long term potential of that stock.

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Don't forget HD indoor antennae which can get up to nine channels in Blacksburg. One-time cost of around $30. Terk is one brand name.

Live sports

A lot of live sports are on E3 now, and others are going online more and more. I have a hard time justifying our $48 a month dish bill, especially now that Vizio and Zony have internet TV's with wi-fi built in, and apps like Netflix built in. Once they add Hulu to the deal and ESPN or someone develops their pwn streaming app that can go on that platform, cable and dish are going to dwindle much faster.

The over $100 dollars spent @ Radioshack on an indoor HD antennae gets us 1 channel!?!