Integrated voice, mouse, and keyboard

Logitech has introduced an integrated desk set: it is a completely wireless keyboard with wireless mouse, wireless headset, and wireless speakerphone. It is a neat design, but I remain wary of Bluetooth accesories, especially wireless headsets. Although Bluetooth is a low power system, I have never liked the idea of gigahertz radio frequencies going directly into my brain all day long. Ditto with cellphones and cordless phones. They all use frequency ranges similar to microwave ovens, which we use to COOK things. What is interesting about this is that Logitech has tried to provide a better solution for the emerging "electronic desktop." I would like to see a corded version as well, but the concept is excellent--make all these devices work better together with less effort.

All these wireless devices may be perfectly safe, but we really don't know, and the wireless manufacturers don't really want to know. I have been following this since the early eighties, and the few researchers that study these issues have consistently been able to show, for more than thirty years, that this range of frequencies do create measurable effects at the cellular level. The problem is that we do not really know whether this is a problem or not. Until we do, I will continue to use a corded phone and mouse at my desk and a wired headset for my cellphone.

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