Comcast is rolling out data caps

Stop the Cap points out that Comcast is rolling out data caps in many parts of the East Coast. If you want to keep your "unlimited" plan, you can pay an extra $30/month. Bandwidth is so cheap for a company the size of Comcast that the only reason for doing this is to hike profits.

What is driving this is the growth of heavy data users, and certainly Covid work from home users are part of that phenomenon. Ars Technica lays it all out.

I have been saying for years that the ISP business, in the four hundred year history of modern commerce, is the only business that punishes users for liking their product.

WideOpen is pioneering a different approach to broadband and Internet, one where we do not punish our customers for using our network. Give us a call (540-552-2150) or drop us a line (info at wideopennetworks dot us) if you want to learn more about how we are changing the industry.

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