Broadband has to be available and affordable, and competition is the only way to get both.

The Motley Fool connects the dots on the FCC community broadband debate correctly by noting that while a majority of Americans do indeed have "little broadband" via cable or phone companies, a much smaller number actually have the luxury of competitive choices. And how you define "competition" narrows most choices significantly. In Blacksburg, we would probably be listed as have a choice of two carriers for broadband: the phone company and the cable company. The problem is that even in "wired" Blacksburg, the phone company has made little effort to improve DSL service, since they know they can't really provide the same level of bandwidth as the cable they don't even try. So, practically speaking, we have no choice in Blacksburg....yet.

Over the next two to three years, expect to see some revolutionary new approaches to deploying Gigabit fiber in communities like Blacksburg, and Design Nine and WideOpen Networks leading the way.

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