Combo DV movie and still camera

DXG has a new combo movie/still camera (DXG-506V) with a 5 megapixel image sensor. It also plays MP3s and can take voice memos. The company says it will sell for $149. If the picture quality is good, that's a real bargain. Note that the company's Web site is not well designed. Click on the center area on the bottom (the DXG-505V) to get to a menu. I have yet to find a multi-function device that does everything well, but this product is probably a good hint at the future of cameras. Older, tape-based video cameras are on their way out, and the newer writable DVD video cameras also seem clunky. My Canon A85 takes very nice video, even if it is low resolution, and being able to squirt the video clips right into the computer for storage is much easier than labeling, storing, and sorting media of any kind, whether it is DV tapes or DVD discs. The problem with removable storage is that the extra effort of transferring the movies to the computer is a disincentive, especially tapes. I have found that taking more, short, 30 second to 1 minute video clips with the Canon beats 30 minutes of "just let the camera run" old style video, where you have lots of dead space--the longstanding "home movie" problem that dates back to 8 mm film-based movie cameras.

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