Will Chat GPT rule the world?

Over the weekend, I decided to try the new experimental AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine called Chat GPT. It is designed to respond to a wide variety of questions and inquiries, and can parse all sorts of conversational queries.

It was interesting. I first posed the question "Tell me about the benefits of open access networks." It answered with a short one sentence overview, then provided several bullet items about what the benefits are of open access networks. It was well done, and could have been written by me. I will note that I've written a lot about open access networks, so it may have been using some of my texts.

I then asked, "Tell what the disadvantages are of open access networks." The result this time was similar in format, with a brief narrative introduction, followed by several bullet items, but the bullet items, while stylistically okay, were just generic blather about broadband networks in general--nothing specific about open access networks.

It will be interesting to see how this new technology service evolves. Some are predicting that it will make higher education irrelevant, since you could just use an AI service to write all your term papers. Well, maybe. What a time to be alive!

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