Good news for rural areas

This news item comes from Tom Christoffel's excellent Regional Community News email list. A study done in the San Diego metro area shows that 56% of residents are thinking about moving away from the overcrowded and expensive city. According to the article, that is up from from 39% just three years ago.

For rural communities that have a good strategy for land use, affordable broadband, and a "traditional" downtown area that is bright and clean, this kind of discontent is an incredible marketing opportunity. The number one complaint from those interviewed was the difficulty of getting around, especially the morning and afternoon commute.

Small towns with the right amenities to interest refugees from the ever expanding megalopolis' of the U.S. can become hot spots for families and entrepreneurs looking for a slower pace of life and better quality of life. But it won't happen at random. Success in attracting upscale urban and suburban refugees means reorienting your economic development effort, making sure the right business amenities are in place, and a first class Internet presence for the community.

What kinds of business amenities are needed? Check this one page Open for Business handout to see.

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