Why Bing is winning

Bing has grabbed almost 13% of the search engine market share in the past year, and the Microsoft search engine appears to steadily getting more users. There are two or three reasons, I think. In my own experience, Bing returns fewer and better results, with less link farm clutter. The interface is better, and Bing is willing to send you other search engines, which suggests a certain confidence in their own results and/or a focus on helping you complete your search rather than stick as many ads as possible in your face.

Recent upgrades to two popular browsers, FireFox and Safari, also allow you to set the default search engine to Bing instead of Google. This simple one time change for users makes it much easier to hit Bing every time when you do a search.

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The whole game is going to change when we swap over to cloud computing, so they are climbing a ladder to nowhere.

I think the increase of market share is not based on decisions, but on the fact that Bing comes packaged as default in MS software. I tried to use it, and although I do like the interface, I find that it doesn't return enough results most of the time. Also, it seems to crash on my phone almost every time, so again, while the interface is nice, the engine not so much.