Truveo video search engine

I still get massive skepticism when I tell people traditional TV is dead. But every day, there is more and more activity in the IP TV world. Everything that is wrong with traditional TV (lack of variety, repetition, lack of viewpoints, mediocrity) will be offset (but not eliminated) in the emerging IP TV universe, where anyone can be in the television business, and many already are.

Here are some interesting projects and links:

  • The BBC is putting everything it has into an IP delivery model.
  • DaveTV is aggregating video content via an IP delivery model.
  • Participatory Culture is an Open Source effort to deliver "channelized" video via RSS feeds

A sure sign of the emerging IP TV dominance is the Truveo video search engine, which takes your keyword search and returns video clips. And my perfunctory trial suggests it works pretty well.