Is Netflix the new Comcast

techdirt has an interesting analysis of recent moves by Netflix, which include a crackdown on password sharing and price hikes.

All the streaming services are struggling. During the Covid lockdowns, subscriptions and viewers for streaming video increased rapidly, and the response by the services was to throw money at new content--movies and TV shows. But that led to a lot of mediocre (i.e. unwatchable) shows that no one wanted, and they all burned through a lot of the new subscriber cash. Now the price hikes and consolidation is starting.

I find that ads are creeping into all the popular streaming services, including Amazon and Hulu, which both started without ads. The ad breaks tend to be shorter, but I'm starting to feel like I'm back watching cable TV. And as the prices for everything keep going up, it really does feel more like "old" cable TV.

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