Clash of the titans: Apple and Google

This article from MacWorld does a nice job of highlighting the emerging class of the titans. Apple and Google are ramping up for an epic fight, and we all win when two big companies compete for marketshare. Google has announced the Nexus One smartphone, just the latest of several Android-based smartphones. Android is the open source operating system developed by Google which powers not only the Google phone, but the Droid phone from Motorola (distributed by Verizon). And alongside Android, Google has also announced the Chrome operating system, which wont' see the light of day for another year. Meanwhile, Apple has purchased an online advertising firm. So Google is aiming at Apple, and Apple is aiming at Google. The next couple of years will be interesting, and both companies will be forced to work harder and be more customer-focused--especially Google, which has little experience actually selling anything except ads.

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