Blogging and economic development

I generally get a cool reception when I tell communities that they need to promote community portals and local blogging. It just does not sound like something that is going to bring jobs and businesses into a region.

This short article is just one data point, but illustrates perfectly how the Web and what is available on the Web from a community or region drives relocation decisions. Here is the key quote:

"...One of the things that encouraged me to make that move with my family was the realization that the vitality, innovative spirit, and collegial atmosphere of the region around B-burg was a good bit higher than I realized. Your weblog was a key part of that, along with the discovery of a growing community of writers, musicians, and creative businesses."

Community portals and a rich, interconnected web of local community sites and blogs tell the world that your community is online, understands technology, is not afraid of it, and is using it to connect people. It's the cheapest and easiest way to promote what your community has to offer people looking for a great place to live and to work.

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