Wired towns shove cities out of the way

Here is a study that indicates that smaller communities with the right broadband infrastructure are "...emerging as major economic centers." What about your community? Does it have the infrastructure to attract new businesses?

Broadband Information:


I can see this being a factor. I know a lot of people who look at broadband access when they're finding a place to live. Most companies now have major needs for high-speed internet access between multiple offices so work can be done by people throughout a company, rather than just in a local office. Plus, with large digital files needing to be transferred on a regular basis via e-mail or FTP services, not having good broadband can be a problem. For smaller localities, it seems easier to upgrade the existing infrastructure and provide high-quality high-speed services, rather than what it would take to upgrade a large metro area. Not to mention quality of life issues being in many cases better on smaller towns, like lower crime rates, less traffic, and lower cost of living.