Why videoconferencing is tiring

A lot of people who used videoconferencing only lightly or never at all have acquired a crash course in it over the past month. Because Design Nine and WideOpen Networks have had staff distributed around the country for years, it was not a challenge for us.

But in the past, we usually visited our clients and had on-site meetings. Now, we are doing most of our meetings using GoToMeeting, which is one of Zoom's competitors. I have had several days over the past few weeks where I've been in a series of videoconferences for a total of four to five hours a day, and end up feeling exhausted by the end of the day.

This article explains why we find videoconferences tiring.

One of the article's comments I had already known somewhat intuitively--you have to pay more attention as compared to a face to face meeting. In the latter, you don't have to try to "read" everyone in the room all the time, but in a vidcon, you are constantly glancing at each of the participant windows all the time to try to keep up with everyone.

Something I did not know is that studies of vidcon have shown that even very small time lags of 1-2 seconds can be stressful compared to a face to face meeting--small video/audio lags get you thinking that something might be wrong and of course, there often is--someone has to drop off and call back, etc.

It's well worth a read.

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