U.S. Communities: Almost as good as Ethiopia

This article on Ethiopia's countrywide broadband project, which is four years old and beginning to deliver results, puts U.S. states to shame. Impoverished Ethiopia gets what many rural states and communities in the U.S. are still trying to understand. Here is the money quote from the Ethiopian prime minister:

Because we are poor, we can’t afford not to use ICT.

Exactly. Distressed rural and urban communities in the United States can't afford not to invest in IT. What is important about the Ethiopan effort is not what they did (the technology choices they made are tied to other infrastructure issues), but the fact that they recognized a problem, created a plan, funded a plan, and followed through.

Does your community or region have a technology plan? Or is your region's motto going to be, "Our region...almost as good as Ethiopia."

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