Too connected?

I had just finished up a meeting at a community interested in investing in telecom infrastructure, and before I left the building, I decided to take advantage of the local WiFi to send an email to someone who had been at the meeting but had already left; I wanted to confirm a follow up meeting.

Not two minutes after I sent the email, he stuck his head back in the meeting room and said, "Hey, I got your email." The message had gone straight to his Blackberry, and unbeknownst to me, he had been outside in the hallway talking to someone. We both had a good laugh about sending email to someone standing a few feet away.

The amazing thing is that in just fifteen years, we have the technology to do that, cheaply and easily. It's a good example of why communities need fiber AND wireless--wireless in the future will provide ubiquitous mobile access--mobile access that we already take for granted, as my experience yesterday illustrated.

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