South Korea commits $830 million to broadband

South Korea continues to be far more visionary than the United States when thinking about broadband and how it should be used. The city of Seoul, South Korea's largest city, has committed $830 million to the u-Seoul project. The 'u' stands for 'ubiquitious.'

The money will be used for a variety of projects, including high speed connections to all schools, government offices, and health facilities; high speed broadband for entertainment, culture, and sports facilities; and for public transportation and environmental monitoring.

While the Koreans are putting substantial investments into technology that will transform their economy, we are still debating whether broadband should be 200 kilobits/second (the FCC definition) or if we should jump things up to the 1-2 megabits/second favored by the telephone and cable companies (which is about 1% of South Korea's broadband target).

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