Singapore mainstreams VoIP

While our FCC dithers about the best way to preserve legacy telephone and cable services, Singapore has pushed VoIP into the mainstream by creating a system for managing telephone numbers assigned to VoIP service providers. Singapore is not requiring VoIP providers to give subscribers access to emergency systems (911 services), but is offering incentives to those companies that do make the effort. This is much more sensible than the confusing and potentially punitive policy the FCC is trying to enforce.

And the FCC is not really the main problem. Our Congress just passed a huge roads appropriation bill, which is terrific. We're trying to fix our twentieth century highway system, while other countries are building twenty-first century highway systems.

Once again, communities can't wait for the Federal government to ride in and fix things; if you want your community and region to be competitive in the global economy, your local leaders and economic developers should be doing all they can to compete globally. And that means paying attention to what countries like Singapore are doing, and why.

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