Rural broadband is creating job opportunities

From Beaumont, Texas, an interesting article with some good anecdotal data about newly emerging job opportunities where high performance, affordable broadband is available in rural areas. And where it is not, people are actually renting commercial office space to do jobs that could be done from home--a very sad state of affairs. Nationwide, millions of new jobs could open up in rural communities if the right kind of affordable broadband is available.

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Another factor that I think about is the real danger that as a result of massive monetary and fiscal stimulus, plus the fact that China is clearly trying to diversify away from the US dollar for its reserves, we could very well see a significant jump in inflation.

With all the economic doom and gloom out there, one silver lining is that if the dollar does weaken significantly, then outsourcing jobs will become less attractive. Many of the jobs we have outsourced will come back home.

Communities that have established a good broadband infrastructure could conceivably capitalize on a wave of "in sourcing" as businesses bring jobs back to the US.

I know you know that better than I do, but thought I would raise the issue again.

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