More table top computers arriving

Hitachi is showing off a table top computer. It is a large, fifty inch display touch sensitive display screen driven by a standard personal computer. Installed in a table, it enables several people to work together comfortably, using the touch screen to interact with the current application--programs like Google Earth are apparently stunning in this format.

The combination of large display screens, which are becoming increasingly affordable, along with more bandwidth and high gas prices, are going to drive demand for business videoconferencing. In the past, videoconferencing was awkward either because the video display area was too small and/or because of limited bandwidth that directly limited the quality of the interaction.

But as HD video equipment prices continue to do down and new display systems like Hitachi's hit the market, it will become easier and more natural to conduct some (not all) business meetings over the 'net. And as usual, if you have the right software and hardware, affordable broadband becomes the limiting factor for businesses that want to save travel money.

Today, every business and industrial park should have duct and fiber to every lot and every building so that these new services can be used affordably.

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