Laptop fuel cells coming

A laptop fuel cell will be available soon, as reported by Gizmodo.

The fuel cells are powered by methanol (alchohol), making them easy to charge--no hydrogen required. They will pack twice as much power as the lithium batteries that are currently used in laptop computers.

The methanol fuel source is interesting too, because methanol can be refined from corn--no fossil fuels required. As the technology matures, look for fuel cell vehicles powered by corn-derived methanol.

Pop quiz

Q: Who grows more corn than any other country in the world?

A: The United States.

Q: If methanol powered fuel cells become a primary energy source for vehicles, what country could become the world's largest energy producer?

A: The United States.

Q: Where does that leave the oil-rich countries of the Middle East?

A: In trouble.

Q: Does your regional economic development plan include a strategy for grabbing some of the new Energy Economy jobs?

A: If it doesn't, when will it?

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