iPod ready LCD projector

I'm not sure anybody really needs one of these things, but it has a certain appeal. Viewsonic has a new LCD projector with an iPod dock. What this means is that it is very easy to play video (stored on your iPod); you no longer have to do the cables and laptops and power cords dance just to play a video. You should also be able to do nice slideshows of your still photos stored on your iPod, again without all the fuss of hooking up a laptop computer.

Viewsonic is thinking outside the box, and they have a companion LCD monitor that is really pretty neat--it goes a long way toward cutting down on desk clutter. The ViewDock monitor line has a nice LCD monitor, of course, but also comes with an iPod dock (cross off one USB cable), integrated speakers and sub woofer (cross off a bunch of audio cables and a power supply), an eight in one card reader (cross off a USB cable and the card reader hanging off the end of it), a microphone (cross off another audio cable), and what looks like three USB 2.0 ports (get rid of that USB hub, cables, and power supply). Now if it had an integrated Web cam, it would be nearly perfect.

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