iPhone breaks more records

The iPhone continues to break records. According to some estimates, Apple has sold 3 million phones in the first 4 weeks after the updated iPhone 3G was released. Last year, it took Apple three months to sell 1 million. One estimate suggests that Apple will continue to sell 800,000 phones a week for many months.

The App Store, which supplies hundreds of software applications, has also broken records, with more than 60 million downloads of software for the iPhone in the first month, and the store has been averaging $1 million per day in sales (some apps are free).

T-Mobile is feeling the pressure from the iPhone, as the company has announced it is also pursuing an online software store that will work with any of the phones it provides--a rather ambitious undertaking that spans several different cellphone operating systems. T-Mobile has been losing customers to AT&T as customers switch providers to get the iPhone, which only AT&T has.