An honest speed test

Virginia Tech has an excellent speed test. Try it and see how your connection rates.

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I'll give this a whirl for our home connection tonight. When I tried the Verizon speed test (since we have their DSL) it said the speed was really slow and that we ought to upgrade to a more expensive DSL plan or Fios. Only problem...Fios isn't available where I'm at and we're on the top-level plan available for DSL where I'm at. It said we were running extremely slow, which I had not really experienced with our streaming of Netflix or ESPN3. I tried another speed test and it said we were about 4-5 times faster than what Verizon said. Ran another for another company and it recommended switching to their service for better download speeds (came in well below the 2nd test we did). So an unbiased test will be nice to get a real idea of where we stand.