Has Logitech cracked home video calling with new HD camera?

You can now buy the new Logitech HD video camera, called the TV Cam HD. The device combines a high resolution HD video camera, integrated four-microphone sound input, and Zeiss remote control zoom lens. The breakthrough is that Skype is built in, meaning you don't need a computer. The camera can work with your home WiFi or Ethernet network, and an HDMI jack plugs the video and audio right into your existing flat panel TV. The camera also has a built in ringer, so that solves one of the persistent problems with using Skype as a phone replacement...your computer has to be on and awake all the time to be available for a call.

I just had a friend with one of these cameras call, and I can attest that the picture quality, over the network, is really excellent, and we use Skype with webcams on a daily basis...this new device is clearly better.

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