Fuel cell power source

This fuel cell powered portable power source is pretty neat, and suggests the future of portable and emergency power. The device runs on hydrogen stored in a removable tank, and provides a trifecta of power: 120 volt AC, 12 volt DC (cigarette lighter plug), and a 5 volt USB port. That just about covers every kind of device you would ever need to recharge or power. The USB port is a nice touch, since lots of devices can now be charged via a USB port, including many cellphones. The one issue I have with it is that Voller, the manufacturer, is a bit vague about the fuel source. The data sheet says it uses "standard" hydrogen cylinders, but it is not clear about where you buy them. The company Web site says it is working on fuel cells that work with more common hydrogen-based fuels like propane and butane. If they get devices like this one working with propane and butane, these will be wildly popular.