Comcast: "It's too hard to tell people what we charge.."

So Comcast has hilariously complained to the FCC that it is just too darn hard to list all their prices. The "problem" is the mandated broadband label requirement. The label was part of a 2021 Federal law that requires ISPs to use a standard format, similar to what is used to disclose the contents of packaged food, to make it easier for consumers to see what they are paying for (e.g. speed of service) and how much it costs.

The real problem is that Comcast really does not have any published prices. Anyone that has ever called Comcast to try to change or cancel their service knows you can easily spend 45 minutes on the phone with a Comcast rep, who will propose *many* pricing options. Comcast will charge as little or as much as they think a customer will pay.

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