Amazon vs. Apple

Glenn Harlan Reynolds has an article about problems with Amazon's brand new Unbox video download service, which serves as a contrast to Apple's new video service. The Unbox system only works on Windows (iTunes works on Windows and Macs), just for starters. But the gripes are apparently about a "phone home" feature (sometimes called spyware) of Unbox that seems to constantly want to connect to the Internet so that your computer can talk to Amazon's computers. Harlan writes about the experiences of another Tech Central Station columnist, who flatly recommends against using the service because of the difficulty installing, uninstalling, and the "phone home" spyware.

Most amusing is a quote from the Unbox documentation that a reader posted in the Comments section:

"If your device is Plays for Sure compliant it may work, but we cannot guarantee performance on untested devices"

So "Plays for Sure" apparently means "Plays Maybe."

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