SpaceX is blogging

SpaceX is a start up space freight company going after the heavy lift market, as opposed to the passenger/tourism market being pursued by Virgin Galatic. SpaceX has a blog that is updated regularly and provides a wealth of information about ongoing company launches, technical details, and logistics.

Even more interesting is the opennness of the company in discussing problems. The company has had several problems that have delayed the December launch of a rocket, and the blog provides a lot of detail about what the problems are and why.

Company blogs are still a new idea, but one that will continue to grow and mature. Unless you are Walmart or Fedex, you have to find a way to make personal connections with customers and investors, and blogs are an easy way to do that. I do not see it as a public relations gimmick, but the first stage of an evolutionary and perhaps even revolutionary way of using new communications systems (like blogs and RSS feeds) to transform the way we run our companies.

Economic development angle: Are your local/regional economic developers holding short courses and seminars to help local businesses understand these new trends and how to use them? If not, why not?