Hanging out online is a mental disorder

Well, that explains a lot. If you think the world is going to heck in a handbasket, it is apparently because we are all glued to the computer all day long. I tend not to take these studies too seriously, as they often cannot discern cause and effect. That is, do people who are already prone to depression tend to make that problem worse by hanging out online? And this particular study was only looking at college age kids, who don't have full time jobs and family obligations, and therefore have more time than many of us to engage in unhealthy behaviors.

The sleep disorder problem is a real one, and is becoming a bigger problem as more people use tablet devices and smartphones just before bedtime. The blue light from the backlit screens tricks our brain into thinking it is daytime, and we then have more trouble going to sleep and staying asleep. And if you leave a bunch of devices plugged in near your bed, all those little glowing LEDs is probably making the problem worse. Sleep in the dark, and don't use any CRT or backlit device for at least an hour before bedtime. And get all the chargers, laptops, tablets, and anything else with an ON light out of your bedroom.

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