Find your spot

Find Your Spot is an online relocation service that helps business owners and prospective employees find a place to live that matches personal preferences like the weather, arts & culture, recreation, education, the cost of living, health care, and the local economy.

Here is a key quote from the FAQ portion of the site:

Thanks to advances in technology and the economy, more people than ever are choosing where to live based on the factors that really matter to them — the weather, schools, recreational activities, cost of living, and general quality of life.

Notice that they are saying job seekers and relocating businesses are interested in personal and life style factors, not the availability of water and sewer in the industrial park. A community that is offered as a pick is going to be much more likely to get someone to move there if that community has a lively community portal, lots of recently updated community and civic Web sites, and attractive government, Chamber, and economic development Web sites.

Who in your community is responsible for the long term strategy of ensuring the community or region looks great on the Web? What specific activities are they doing regularly to ensure a job searcher or a relocating business thinks, "This community looks like a great place to live and to work?"