Economic development of the future

With a hat tip the excellent Connecting People blog, here is a link to what looks like a great new source of economic development ideas and concepts for the Knowledge Economy.

One of the great things about blogs is that the good ones are typically written by people with a passion for a particular topic, like future-oriented economic development. The short article style of blogs, coupled with the fast scanning offered by RSS feeds, gives you access to a lot of information that has already been vetted and reviewed by someone that knows more than you do about a topic outside your own area of expertise.

One of the problems I see over and over again, especially in rural communities, is a lack of information. Rumor, innuendo, and misunderstandings often get in the way of bringing focus and commitment to a problem. If more community leaders were blogging about local affairs, it would be more difficult for roadblocks to develop. Open discussion of problems is a good thing, not something to fear.

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