The coffeehouse as office space

Glenn Reynolds, better know as Instapundit, has an article on Tech Central Station about the emerging trend of using public WiFi hotspots as business meeting places.

I wrote about this a while back, but Reynolds makes some interesting points, including this one about the effect on the real estate market:

"On the other hand, offices are expensive. I've noticed a lot of small business people in my area giving up their offices, and having meetings in public places -- Starbucks, Borders, the Public Library, and so on. In fact, a real estate agent recently told me that the small-office commercial real estate market is actually suffering as a result of so many people making this kind of move."

Economic developers, planners, and zoning commissions need to take note--the traditional definition of the commercial business zone is long gone. The industrial and business park is changing as we speak. And residential neighborhoods are filled with businesspeople working out of their homes.

Communities can ignore these trends, but do so at their peril, especially when public funds are at stake for obsolete concepts like standalone business incubators, industrial parks out in the woods, and retail on Main Street.