Is cheap solar just around the corner?

A new manufacturing process for creating solar panels at half the cost of the old way of making them is about to come online in a new plant in Colorado. Developed by a Colorado State engineering professor and perfected over sixteen years of study, the new low cost solar electricity option could open many more opportunities to use solar power to replace fossil fuels.

For those interested in entrepreneurial and small business opportunities, expect to see rapid growth in coming years in energy businesses--not old-fashioned Manufacturing Economy energy production or delivery businesses (e.g. power plants, fuel oil and gas delivery, etc.) but instead installation of energy saving devices (solar water heaters), small scale energy production (solar panels, fuel cells), and energy management devices (timers, active power management), and energy conservation (insulation, high efficiency windows, etc.).

The net result is that over time, our homes and businesses will require less energy from traditional sources and we may be making a lot more energy at the point of use.

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